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Roads To Love

Roads To LoveFour high school best friends — Olivia Brooks, Elizabeth White, Lindsey Reed, and Melissa Bailey, or as they know each other, Liv, Liz, Linds, and Lissy — stay close their whole lives, and keep in touch on their own separate paths to find love.

Liv has always had a huge crush on Alex, but they never seem to be single at the same time. They’re still extremely close, even now that she’s a writer and he’s a fireman. When they both become single at the same time, will sparks finally fly, or will they flame out quickly?

Liz has dreamed of opening a soup restaurant for years, since everyone she’s ever made soup for has told her she should be doing it professionally. Enter Tyler, a hotshot hotelier who’s looking to expand the offerings at his newest property. A soup restaurant would be exactly what he needed for a specialty shop, but will he and Liz be able to agree to disagree on who’s really in control, or is someone about to get burned?

Linds’s mother and father always dreamed of running a B&B, so they bought one when she was little and made it into a success. Now, with her dad ailing and her mother not getting any younger, she’s the heir apparent of the place, and agrees to take over providing that her mother continues to cook, since she is nowhere near as skilled as Liz. When she meets Joshua on the beach one evening, she learns that he’s just quit his job and has no idea what to do. She brings him to stay at the B&B, and lets him take on a handyman job while he tries to rebuild his life. When things start to heat up between them, her mother threatens to take it all away. Will Lissy be able to stand up for herself, or will she always be under her mother’s thumb?

Lissy is, like Liv, a writer. Unlike Liv and her freelance jobs for magazines, Lissy specializes in romantic novels that have been published by one of the big publishing houses. When her latest novel is set in England, she promptly takes off to find somewhere to get properly inspired. Her local pub is quiet and perfect for writing in — except for the fact that she’s always trying to dodge Ryan, the arrogant bartender who thinks he knows everything. When things go too far one evening after a few too many drinks, Lissy has to decide if she really hates him, or if she’s been hating him to stop from loving him. Will Lissy stay or go, and will she make the right decision?

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Living for AdventureWhen Alexandra Morgan becomes frustrated at her blue-blooded family’s meddling in her own life once again, she decides to take off on her own adventure around the globe. While eschewing the life that her family has chosen for her, Alex is able to see beautiful things while figuring out exactly what she wants out of her own life. Will her parents be okay with her life choices, or will they cut her off for good?

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