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Wow, has time flown!

I wish I was here to tell you all how much I’ve accomplished and that I’ve got something being published soon, but the truth is that the wall I had hit has not completely disappeared.  I’ve got a few good projects on the go, and am in the midst of a new Camp NaNoWriMo story — one that actually looks to be something I can follow through with.

I can’t figure out exactly where the problem lies with the writers’ block I have going on, but all I can do is continue to try fight back and continue to work on whatever projects I come up with.  I think I have 4 or 5 projects that are promising but are in various stages of completion.

As far as life outside of writing, I just returned from a trip to Florida!  I’m not a fan of overly hot weather, and it just so happens that my flight landed on the hottest day they’ve seen so far!  The entire 5 days I was in the Orlando area were miserably warm, but I did really enjoy my trip!  I met up with my mom who was with her best friend (who moved down to Florida a year or so ago) and spent some time there, but my mom and I also had some side trips!  On my first FULL day, we picked up a rental car and my mom and I went to St. Petersburg to The Dalí Museum! If you know my love for Salvador, you’ll know exactly how much this stop meant to me!  It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but was nevertheless a great representation of his artistic abilities!

Our other side trip was to spend our last full day at Universal at the Wizarding Word of Harry Potter!  We had Park to Park tickets and enjoyed the train back and forth between the two areas, and had a few strolls through both parks as well.  We had a good time at Margaritaville juuuuust as the rain storm was hitting, so we were glad to be inside and miss that!  We had a hotel that was a 10 minute walk away for the night, and combine that with the pool at the hotel, and we had a great end to our trip.

My next ‘trip’, if you’d like to call it that, is an overnight trip to the D.C. Area to see FC Barcelona play next month!  I am SO beyond excited because I’ve never managed to see them on any of my trips (even though I’ve had tickets twice – the first was rescheduled to before I got there and the second, my baggage got lost and dealing with that made me too late to make it to Camp Nou!).  A lot of my stories are set in Barcelona because it’s such an important place to my heart and I am really glad to be able to finally see my favorite La Liga team in person 🙂

Well, it’s time to head to bed — I have to go to my real job tomorrow and then make some time to keep writing!  My latest strategy is going to be to make it a goal to write AT LEAST a thousand words every night — they don’t have to be great ones, but I think a thousand is completely doable and will definitely end up equaling at least a few books a year!

Until next time,

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