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Hello everyone!

For once, I can honestly say that this post has been delayed because I’ve actually had a breakthrough!  Maybe it was just that none of my other ideas were strong enough, though they were all great on their own merits, but I finally came up with a project that I’ve been able to make some progress on!

Back at the very end of 2014, I started a project that I completed fairly shortly afterwards tentatively titled “A Royal Risk”.  Set in a fictional Scandinavian country, I was very happy to be able to create my own little world as some of my favorite ‘royal’ books have done before.  I was very satisfied with the outcome, but I had kind of closed it off in terms of potential follow-ups.  Part of trying to get myself back into quality writing was rereading some of my old work.  When I got to ARR, I was reminded of exactly how magical it was to be able to step into this world that was somewhere familiar but different.  I knew right then that this was what I needed to find again — a great balance of fiction and reality.

A few weeks later, I’m over 20,000 — I would be a lot further, except that with our lovely Pittsburgh weather fluctuating up and down, I’ve actually been fighting off persistent migraines — and I’m still loving where this new story is going.  Since I had mostly left the previous book as something that couldn’t have a real follow-up, I chose to do it in an inventive way — create another, very similar country that is very close to the original.  So close, in fact, that the monarchs of each country are distant but very close-knit cousins.  Once I’d brainstormed a bit for the new country that would be introduced, I set about thinking of great ways to tie the worlds together.  I’m finally at a point where this book is becoming its’ own independent work, though they will be tied quite closely for the duration.  I can truly say that I feel the same magic between these characters as I did (and still do!) between the ones in the first novel.

If nothing else, it’s exciting to feel the creative spark again!  And now that my version of Office 365 is updated to the latest and greatest software, I think it’s time to get back at it!  With any luck, maybe I’ll be able to release these two Royal books close together soon and let you all meet the characters I’ve grown to love!

Until next time,

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