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Hello everyone!

This is just a quick update for something near and dear to my heart (as the title of this post would indicate!).  As November approaches, the NaNoWriMo insanity is starting to get closer, and I wanted to post a quick link to my Classy.org donation page for NaNo.  NaNoWriMo, if you didn’t know, is a non-profit organization.  It’s not just November where they’re active — they do many different things throughout the year.  One facet, which I find SO important, is the literacy outreach work that they do.  I may be ten years removed from high school, but I do remember those years, as well as the ones before it.  As a creative kid, I always needed an outlet for my ideas.  In middle school, I was extremely active with the literary magazines, as well as the school newspaper.  I was a bit busier in high school with the band and other activities, but you’d better bet that I was writing short stories and webzine articles and all kinds of things on my own then.  If I hadn’t had a creative outlet or people encouraging me, then I would’ve been a different person today.  We’re now living a time where schools are lacking funding, and they’re starting to cut arts programs first.  To me, this is entirely unacceptable.  My mother is a teacher herself, and I can speak for the fact that many of her teacher friends in the arts are finding it hard to get funds, and are supplementing their projects with their own money.  One of my mom’s friends, who’s a librarian, found her position cut this year.  I was AGHAST when I heard this!  I know school libraries aren’t entirely what they were when I was young — I mean, there’s no flipping through the card catalogue to search for books using the Dewey decimal system (thank goodness!), but the librarians who worked in my schools were always such an invaluable part of helping me create and encouraging me to continue to read.

I know that I have friends whose kids just aren’t as into reading as we were back in the pre-iPad/iPhone/electronics days, but I do still think that kids need the exposure to these things, as well as the encouragement to create their own works.  This is exactly why I’m such a big supporter of NaNo’s community outreach.  As you can tell if you check out my reading list page here, I’m also a giant fan of reading, even to this very day.  So far, I’ve read over 150 books alone just in 2015, and I’m not done yet!  If others aren’t encouraged to read, then where will we get new, fresh voices from?

To wrap this post up, I’m going to post the link to my Classy page.  If you’ve got anything to spare at all, from one dollar to one hundred dollars — WHATEVER the amount, please consider donating something to help support NaNoWriMo and their amazing work.  I’ve met a lot of people over the past few years doing NaNo, and I know it’s left an important mark on all of our lives.  Let’s help ensure that the future will continue to have lots of different literary voices!

Here is my Classy link, and feel free to share it with anyone you know who may also want to donate to a great cause — and thank you in advance! — Classy.org/KateRivet

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