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It’s been a little while, hasn’t it?  It took me a little while to get my beta reads back plus do the edits, and of course I had two little trips — Canada to see my best friend marry her other half, and Iceland to enjoy myself and take a little time away — but I’m back!

I’ve got some really great news, though, as a reward for sticking around with me!  That’s right, I’ve finished EVERYTHING needed to get my next book out, and it’s NOW AVAILABLE for your consumption 🙂  I’ve really put a lot of myself into it — it’s called Living for Adventure, and is about a girl who gives up her regular life to travel the world.  It’s very similar to me in this sense, though I can’t say that I’m from a blue blood family, nor do I have a trust fund that would enable me to roam the world as I wished!

I really hope you guys enjoy this one; it was a Camp NaNoWriMo project that I felt passionate about, and I know that my beta readers really enjoyed it!  As promised, it’s available for JUST 99¢, and it will stay that way unless I run free sales on it!  You can grab it HERE, and I hope you like the cover — it’s made from a photo I snapped while in Iceland! 🙂

Also!  If you haven’t yet picked up Roads to Love, it’s going back on sale for FREE!!  There was a sale while I was in Iceland, so I didn’t do a whole lot of promotion, but it’s also going to be available on September 6th and September 9th — my grandma and my dad’s birthdays, respectively — so make sure you or your friends grab it while it’s on promotion if you haven’t scooped it up yet!

Well, that’s it for me right now!

Until next time,

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