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It finally happened!  I finished my 9th book overall, presently titled “A Royal Risk”!  It took me around 3 or 4 months, give or take, and 62,500 words, but the first draft is officially finished.  With much perseverance that occasionally required some deep digging into my creativity stores, I can happily say that I finished something that was close to the edges of my comfort zone.  In this book, I not only invented a new country (it’s called Ängsmark!), but it’s also about a royal family, as the title kind of gives away.  I might be a serious anglophile, but I wouldn’t say that I’m any type of expert on the royal family.  I’ve been outside Buckingham Palace and along the Mall, but I’ve never seen inside the palace (well, except for official photos online!).  My royal family is a lot more laid back, though — their country is small, and they pride themselves on being pretty down-to-earth.  That’s not to say that their lives are completely normal (they have homes in various cities in the country!  they live in a castle in the capital city!), but they like that they have such a close-knit country.

So what’s next for my invented country?  Well, I’m not sure yet!  I’ve been writing things back to back to back for so long that I’m booking myself a solid month or two away from it!  I finished the novel I was working on before NaNoWriMo literally six days before NaNo Madness descended, then I did my NaNo book, edited it, and published it all while starting A Royal Risk!  Three books in a row have definitely earned me a little time to sit back and enjoy one of my favorite pasttimes properly again: reading!  I hope March brings you all something fun to read, just like I hope it does me!  I’ve already read two books since finishing NaNo, and I urge you to keep checking in on my reading list page (on the tabs up top!).

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