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Hello everybody!  Long time no write!  I’ve been going absolutely insane between work, personal life in between, and of course, crazy edits!  But I have some good news for this (somewhat short) post — the second set of edits on book #2, Slew Foot, were successfully typed in their entirety with the conclusion of last night!  I’ll be heading out shortly to get a hard copy printed, then I’ll start circulating it between my faithful set of beta readers!  If that goes well, the chapter one previews of potentially all three books will be posted soon!

Wait, three books?  Yeah, you read that right!  The third one, which I finished a short while back, is a bit different — I’m toying with using 3rd person instead of 1st.  It’s also unlike the first two in the sense that one character does not have a separate chapter each time.  I think it may be my favorite of my three books so far.  It’s about a girl from Ibiza, Spain, and a boy from Cadaqués, Spain.  They both live in London, but they certainly haven’t forgotten their Spanish roots!  The best part of it all?  It’s helped inspire my huge vacation next year!

See, I’ve always wanted to take a nice 2-3 week vacation, and ever since I got into Arsenal, I really wanted to see a match.  Fast-forward a bit, and I’m heading to see Arsenal vs. Norwich City in May 2012!  Even better, though?  I’m leaving London the very next morning to hop onto a flight to Barcelona, Spain!  I’ll catch the Barcelona vs. RCD Espanyol at the Nou Camp!  I have a confession to make — I became a Culé (that’s a Barça supporter, for those who aren’t aware!) when choosing my La Liga team.  Also, my favorite Arsenal player signed with Barça just a few weeks ago, so of COURSE I want to see him play!

I’ll spend 4 days, including that one, in the beautiful city, and one of those will include a field trip to Figueres to see the Dalí Theatre-Museum, and I’ll spend part of that same day taking a field trip to Cadaqués to see where Salvador grew up.  I’d like to see his house in neighboring Port Lligat (Portlligat) and I can’t wait to see the huge statue of him on the beach in Cadaqués!  I know you want to see it, too, so here’s a teaser picture from Google Images!  I am beyond excited for that!

So after my beautiful Spanish trip, I’ll (grudgingly) head back to London, then spend 8 luxurious more days enjoying everything that London and the surrounding area can offer!  I want to try to make it to Stratford Upon Avon, I want to see the Globe Theater … it’ll be so exciting!  I have a hostel picked out in Barcelona, but have yet to actually decide on my London digs yet.

That’s my trip, though!  I’ll leave Pittsburgh on May 3rd in the afternoon, then leave New York City (my first time ever there!) late that night so I can get in a nice sleep, and wake up to London calling!  Yes, I couldn’t resist 😉

So that’s all for now!  I’m going to head out to Kinko’s and get my book printed up, then I’ll be coming back to get things together and get the first chapters of my books ready to post!  I may post a poll for you all to say which you like best — 1st or 3rd person — but we’ll see!

Until next time,

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